Dead computer.. but… stay tuned!

Sorry for the lack of posts… it’s a long story but in a nutshell.. I have no computer!  A dozen meals or more to share.. I’ll be back! !! Beautiful meals.. home cooked.. and you can do it at home with ease!

Eye Fillet with Red Wine Jus & Roast Veggies

Originally posted on Webbed Food:
I got paid, and felt like a treat! Went to the butcher and picked the most gorgeous looking slab of eye fillet I have ever seen! Again.. I don’t do recipes well – but hopefully you can work from this.  Please ask questions and give feedback.  The images are taken…

Lamprais (Lump Rice) Sri Lankan cuisine

Cooking Sri Lankan food has taught me a LOT about how to use herbs & spices – thanks to this experimental phase I’ve been going through, I am now confident with flavour.

Deep Pan Pizza

Pizza is always welcome in this house. Who doesn’t love the stuff!!

Creamy Beef Curry – Thermomix

Decided to go away from the Sri Lankan cooking for a night.  Actually – I prepared this over 2 nights, as I needed the  Thermomix for all 3 parts of the meal. This was delicious, cooked it first, served the following night with the rice & naan, then we had it again the following night…

Chorizo & Chicken pasta (Thermomix)

I can’t publish the recipe for copyright reasons – although I did change it a lot!! Didn’t use chorizo.. added nuts.. (pepitas and cashews) and some parmesan.  Son 2 devoured 2 complete meals!!! SO SO good!!!! This is in the Everyday cooking book – page 70 – for those who use the TM5 🙂 OH…

Cooking up a storm again..

Tonight I am cooking a chicken pasta dish from a thermomix book & chip.. but…. before our dinner – yet again made the whole egg curry for the sri lankans for brekky tomorrow!  Omg yum! So good!!!! Can’t wait to wrap my chops around this tomorrow!  Post later with the chicken meal !